V.G.N Antipollution (Cyprus) was established in 2009. One of its main activities focuses on total environmental protection and fighting against oil and chemical pollution at sea, in full compliance with the regulations of MARPOL 73/78 Annex I for the prevention of pollution by Oil and petroleum-driven wastes (Bilge, Sludge, Slop, Waste oil, contaminated ballast etc.) and MARPOL 73/78 Annex IV Regulations for the prevention of pollution by sewage and wastewater.

Other activities include:

-Transhipment and Feeder Services for specialized Bulk, IMO and Heavy Cargoes

-Production of Alternate Fuels

-Emergency Spill Response services

-Oil Spill Response / HNS Training

-Contingency Plan Development & Implimentation

-Hazardous Material & Chemicals Emergency Response

-Waste Management and Environmental Services

-Hazardous Waste and Industrial Waste handling in terms of Ultimate Site Remediation 

-Soil & Water Site Remediation Services

-Damaged and Distressed Cargo Salvage/Handling/Operations

-Salvage & Towage

-Diving services

-Gas Free inspections and certification

-Tank cleaning for commercial, passenger and navy vessels

-Ultrasonic Thickness Measurements on steel plates

-Provision of oil spill & marine equipment

-Consultancy and technical support 

-Bunker Surveys

-Condition Surveys on all types of vessels